Mag. Lisa Marie Breyer

Research Associate

Schenkenstraße 4/2nd floor
1010 Wien
T: +43-1-4277-34214

Consultation Hour

To make an appointment, please contact me via e-Mail.

Research Focus

Lisa Marie has a research focus centered at the dynamic intersection of IT law, digitalization, artificial intelligence (AI), medicine, and data protection. These multifaceted areas collectively shape the evolving landscape of technology, ethics, and regulation, and she is deeply committed to exploring their interplay and implications. Her research endeavors seek to shed light on the legal and ethical challenges posed by the digitalization of medicine, the integration of AI in healthcare, and the critical need for robust data protection protocols in this transformative era. By investigating these crucial themes, she aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of how technology can be harnessed responsibly to advance healthcare while safeguarding individual rights and societal values.


Curriculum Vitae