Thesis agreements with Professor Forgó

Only those people and papers are supervised whose scientific capacity and ability to connect to the work of the Department can be assessed on the basis of their own previous experience. A dissertation agreement with Professor Forgó will therefore only be possible after the successful completion of a two-phase process.

In the first phase, please make youself known to us - also with a written paper. This is possible within the framework of the LL.M programme for information and media law and/or within the framework of a seminar (depending on the individual situation either as diploma student or as a doctoral candidate).

After successful completion of this phase, the proposed topic and the individual work steps and planning must be presented once again in a seminar - this time for doctorial candidates in any case - publicly defended and written out.

Only after successful completion of this phase and an individual discussion on further procedures (with topics such as time frame, financing, integration of the project into the individual´s career planning as well as into the research focus of the  Department), there will be a basic willingness to conclude a dissertation agreement.

During the writing phase, you are expected to maintain regular contact with the Department - especially by participating in internal seminars for doctoral students and in other scientific events at the Department.