University Course Information and Media Law

The LL.M. program "Information and Media Law" at the University of Vienna, led by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó, is based upon the course "Information Law and Legal Information", which was established in 1999 at the Faculty of Law of the University of Vienna. With regard to the increasing importance of information and data in our society the course has been continually expanded and aims at giving a profound overview of information law.

Constant development of technologies, innovation and digitalisation make information and media law one of the most rapidly changing areas of legal studies. In order to prepare students best for these changes the university course "Information and Media Law" will offer two new certificate courses.

The certification course "IT-Law Update" offers graduates of the university program "Information and Media Law" and members of the scientific interest group IT-LAW.AT an update in IT law. At the end of the semester, participants will be able to classify, evaluate and solve legal questions arising from current developments in information technologies. Further information about the certification course "IT-Law Update" is available here.

The certificate course "Digital Communication and Law", organised in cooperation with Medienhaus Wien, provides an overview of the digital transformations in media and law beyond national borders. This course will be taught by internationally renowned experts und thus is being held in English. The certificate course will be offered as a block course in September 2021. Further information is available here.