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Barud K, Anwana TO, Wagner M-C, Cepic M, Johnson E, Königseder M. Consent and Retrospective Data Collection. in Corrales Compagnucci M, Minssen T, Fenwick M, Aboy M, Liddell K, Hrsg., The Law and Ethics of Data Sharing in Health Sciences: Perspectives in Law, Business and Innovation. Singapore: Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd. . 2023. S. 99-125. (Perspectives in Law, Business and Innovation). doi:


Forgó N, Wagner M-C. The Principle of Transparency in Medical Research: Applying Big Data Analytics to Electronic Health Records. in AI in eHealth: Human Autonomy, Data Governance and Privacy in Healthcare. Cambridge University Press. 2022. S. 209-250. (Cambridge bioethics and law).



Zeige Ergebnisse 1 - 8 von 8