OPTIMA aspires to revolutionize oncology care in Europe by giving patients suffering from lung, breast and prostate cancer access to the most up-to-date individualized treatments and innovative therapies. To achieve this, it will design, develop and deliver the first GDPR-compliant, commercially sustainable European real-world oncology data and evidence generation platform that will provide the best and most personalized treatment course for patients. This will harness the power of enormous data sets, advanced analytics and AI-models. The ultimate product will be a regularly updated guideline decision-support toolset that integrates retrospective and prospective real-world data. The project’s use of AI will also fill gaps in knowledge and existing guidelines, and thereby recommend guideline improvements, following robust clinical validation.

The Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law is privileged to be working on this project as part of a 36 member strong consortium. This consortium includes industry partners, medical societies, patient advocates, as well as leading medical experts and data analysts. The Department acts as the lead consortium members regarding the legal and ethical elements of the project, with a particular focus on data protection.

Further information on the project is available here and in ucris.


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