Integrating AI in Stroke Neurorehabilitation (AISN)

The goal of AISN is to develop an AI platform which integrates various aspects of a patient’s journey through post-stroke rehabilitation.

This will be achieved through integration of three tested hubs which contribute their own strengths to a bigger platform:

To ensure accurate, patient-tailored intervention, AISN will deploy this user-friendly platform with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools helping experts in their clinical decision-making. This will lead to a representative testbed for the introduction of AI in healthcare itself. The AISN integrated platform will be validated in the clinical context of rehabilitation in the outpatient and at-home phase and facilitate a concrete assessment of the fundamental ways in which AI-enhanced clinical decision-support will change the care pathway. Novel AI-compatible treatment guidelines will be formulated in addition to the development of legal and ethical guidelines for the robust, fair, and trustworthy deployment of AI in healthcare. 


More information on the project can be found here, on the website of the project and in u:cris.


Experts of the Department working on this project:

EU Contribution: € 5 341 894