The "Advanced European Platform and Network of Cybersecurity Training and Exercises Centres" (ACTING) project is developing a network of federated, domain-specific cyber ranges for training and exercises. It aims to develop sophisticated methods and techniques for simulating cyber attacks, analyzing the performance of cyber operators and evaluating cybersecurity-related situational awareness. The project aims to enable training exercises for proactive European Union cyber defense operators through effective and efficient multi-domain specific collaboration. This includes developing a network of advanced interconnected (federated) domain-oriented cyber ranges for training and exercises, incorporating sophisticated methods and techniques for simulation of users, analysis of the performance of the cyber operators, and scoring cyber security situational awareness. In addition, the project aims to develop tools for simulation of cyber attacks, automated performance analysis, external integration possibilities of comprehensive exercise scenarios as well as the federation of cyber ranges for common cybersecurity-related situational awareness. The ACTING project is a 48-month initiative led by a consortium of 28 institutions from 13 European Union Member States (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Spain ) is routed. The project is supported by national authorities from 6 EU Member States, including Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain.

Further information on the project is available in u:cris.


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