New Framework for Innovation and Growth


Invitation to a webinar on the 5 December 2023 about the ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy: New Framework for Innovation and Growth.

The American Law Institute and the European Law Institute (ELI) have joined forces again to host a webinar on the ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy!

The webinar will take place on 5 December 2023 from 18:00 – 19:30 CET. Anyone interested in data law and the data economy can attend this webinar by registering here.

The ALI-ELI Principles for a Data Economy were launched in 2021 and already had a significant impact on legal thinking about data worldwide!

Together with Neil B. Cohen, Christiane Wendehorst has developed a set of Principles for data transactions and data rights that take into account the interests of different stakeholders in the data economy and can be implemented in any legal system. At this webinar on innovation and growth, Cohen and Wendehorst will present some of the most innovative aspects of the Principles, which led to the #impact and #success of this joint project.

If you are interested in attending the webinar, more information can be accessed here.