2nd INTERPOL - UNICRI Global Meeting on AI for Law Enforcement


This conference is the 2nd global meeting of the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) on AI and law enforcement. The conference will discuss the benefits and risk minimisation techniques required in the use of AI and law enforcement. Input will be provided by a broad spectrum of stakeholders from government, the private sector, academia and civil society – all from a variety of different countries. The conference will take place within the framework of the INTERPOL World 2019 – the third edition of INTERPOL’s bi-yearly event on the future of security and policing challenges.

The delegation (Antoni Napieralski, Emily Johnson, Ziga Skorjanc) from the University of Vienna will actively participate in the dissemination of EU projects and provide insight into the law and more specifically data protection and privacy in law enforcement and technology.

Ziga Skorjanc will present the legal and ethical challenges for scientific research in the field of AI and machine-learning technologies for law enforcement from a European perspective. A short overview will be provided on our work on the CONNEXIONs H2020 EU project and the way we are building upon those experiences in the CREST H2020 EU project. The presentation will discuss how to ensure that the use of AI and machine-learning technologies is in accordance with the law both within scientific research projects and in the post project use of the tool.

For more details on the conference, please visit their website via this link. If you are interested in additional information about the INTERPOL World 2019, see here.