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The Federal Ministry for Internal Affairs organised an event on Monday, 08.04.2024 on the opportunities and risks of using AI for the Ministry.


The Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law is organising the Legal Design Sprint in cooperation with Arbeiterkammer Wien from 23-25 May...


At the 21st Austrian Jurists' Conference 2022 in Vienna, lawyers from all professions came together to discuss fundamental but also specific questions...


Prof. Dr. Yvonne Tew will give a lecture on Tuesday, 12.03.2024, 6:00 p.m. in Room L619, 6th floor, Faculty of Law, Sigmund Freud University...


The Chair of Prof. Dr Christiane Wendehorst, LL.M. is looking to fill two positions as a university assistant ("pre-doc") or alternatively one...


Christiane Wendehorst will be part of a penal discussion on 28 February 2024 on the topic of "Ethics and Politics".


Christiane Wendehorst will join the podium on 27 February 2024 starting at 13:00 to discuss the digital transformation.


A new book by Iana Kazeeva which discusses the possible future developments of sui generis IP regimes has just been published by Springer Law.


Recent advancements in neurotechnologies are sparking global discussions on whether our legal frameworks are still fit for purpose.


The latest publication by Žiga Škorjanc titled "Critical comments on the implementation of the EU Whistleblowing Directive in Austria" has been...


On 29 January 2024, the European Data Protection Day 2024 (“Europäischer Datenschutztag”) took place in Berlin with the topic of "Digital...


What role can Artificial Intelligence play in enhancing democratic transparency and accountability and what are the challenges?