Ondrej Woznica

Ondrej Woznica from the Institute of Law and Technology at Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, stayed as a visiting researcher with Professor Forgó's team in February 2024.

Ondrej pursues Ph.D. in Intellectual Property law under the supervision of doc. JUDr. Matěj Myška, Ph.D. at Masaryk University, where he is also engaged as a technology and knowledge transfer lawyer. Ondrej's academic focus is on digital copyright law and the emphasis of control or access in digital copyright. He also implements theoretical background from law and economics. His research examines the implications of the CDSM Directive and Article 17 and the tension between the need for content monitoring and the protection of users' rights. Through an analysis considering legal, market, technological, and social regulation, Ondrej aims to explore how these platforms have evolved into pivotal figures in enforcing copyright laws and evaluate the legal framework of Article 17 of the CDSM Directive.

"I extend my gratitude to Professor Forgó for this fantastic opportunity and would definitely recommend spending time in Vienna to anyone looking to learn and grow in a welcoming place." – Ondrej Woznica