Welcome to the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law!

The Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law was founded in 2017 at the University of Vienna's Law School. We consider the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law as the law school´s link to the digital revolution.

We deal with a wide range of legal questions concerning the modern media and information society that result from the rapid, continuing rise in technological innovations. The Department focuses on information technology and intellectual property law, with a special interest in privacy/data protection and copyright law. Another area of research is e-commerce and consumer protection law from a European and a Comparative Law perspective as well as Legal Tech and innovations in the legal field.

We are convinced that an adequate answer to legal, ethical and social questions arising with the development of technology requires an interdisciplinary approach. Thus we work on a number of multidisciplinary third party funded projects, especially in the areas of health care and law enforcement.

Ars Boni – Corona and the Law with Nikolaus Forgó

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We’re excited wo welcome Hannah Romano as a student assistant at our department!


During two days, from November 24th to 25th 2023, the conference brought together experts to discuss and learn about legal and social aspects of...


„ChatGPT: Brauchen wir 2050 noch Jurist:innen?“ This question lies at the core of the latest publication by Prof. Dr. Iris Eisenberger. The article is...


26.04.2023 18:00

On Wednesday, 26 April, 2023, 6:00 pm the Viennese Law Salon will open its doors for the second time. Professor Roger Brownsword will speak on “Law’s...


We are proud to announce that the third annual conference Young Digital Law will take place from the 5th to the 7th of July 2023 at the University of...

09.11.2022 09:00

#IDLaw2022 will kick off on November 9 at 9 am! Come join us online for an exciting line-up of speakers to discuss together the protection of...