Welcome to the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law!

The Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law was founded in 2017 at the University of Vienna's Law School. We consider the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law as the law school´s link to the digital revolution.

We deal with a wide range of legal questions concerning the modern media and information society that result from the rapid, continuing rise in technological innovations. The Department focuses on information technology and intellectual property law, with a special interest in privacy/data protection and copyright law. Another area of research is e-commerce and consumer protection law from a European and a Comparative Law perspective as well as Legal Tech and innovations in the legal field.

We are convinced that an adequate answer to legal, ethical and social questions arising with the development of technology requires an interdisciplinary approach. Thus we work on a number of multidisciplinary third party funded projects, especially in the areas of health care and law enforcement.

Ars Boni – Corona and the Law with Nikolaus Forgó

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UNIVIE is proud to participate in the BBMRI.at project, a cutting-edge Austrian funded project focused on building on a – “visible, essential and...


The Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law is organising the Legal Design Sprint in cooperation with Arbeiterkammer Wien from 23-25 May...


At the 21st Austrian Jurists' Conference 2022 in Vienna, lawyers from all professions came together to discuss fundamental but also specific questions...


25.01.2024 17:30

January 25 2024 / 17.30 – 19.30

Invitation to the panel discussion

12.01.2024 08:45

The department will be represented at the "AI in Medicine – Vision – Reality – Legal Aspects" conference on January 12, 2024.



On 19 December 2023, Iris Eisenberger, Nikolaus Forgó and Konrad Lachmayer are organizing a conference on "3D-Printing and Law" at the University of...