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We’re excited wo welcome Hannah Romano as a student assistant at our department!


„ChatGPT: Brauchen wir 2050 noch Jurist:innen?“ This question lies at the core of the latest publication by Prof. Dr. Iris Eisenberger. The article is...


We’re excited wo welcome Nikolaus Poechhacker as research fellow at our department!


New publication by Thomas Buocz, Sebastian Pfotenhauer and Iris Eisenberger in Law, Innovation and Technology


Jon Skerlj; Maximilian Braun; Sophia Witz; Svenja Breuer; Marieke Bak; Sebastian Scholz; Abdeldjallil Naceri; Ruth Müller; Sami Haddadin and Iris...


The 3rd Conference of the Research Network Young Digital Law takes place at Juridicum Vienna from July 5 to 7.


The Conference Volume of the 12. Tagung der österreichischen Assistentinnen und Assistenten des Öffentlichen Rechts (ÖAT) at the Faculty of Law of the...


On 28 June 2023, Sophia Witz and Albert Steiner gave a talk as part of the H2020 project “ETAPAS”.


Elisabeth Steindl has published a contribution to the International Data Privacy Law Journal (IDPL), one of the leading journals for data protection &...

27.06.2023 12:30

On 27 June, Žiga Škorjanc and Florian Werni will hold a talk on “Data protection in legislation and jurisdiction”


On June 26 Iris Eisenberger will hold a talk on “Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights”.

26.06.2023 09:00

On June 26 the Parliament offers researchers from various disciplines the opportunity for scientific exchange.