Prof. Dr. Martin Selmayr joins the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law as a Professorial Research Fellow


Prof. Dr. Martin Selmayr will join the Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law as a Professorial Research Fellow for the next six months and work with the team on European legal matters such as AI, Data and Sustainability.

Selmayr has served as ambassador for the European Commission in Austria for the last four years. On the basis of his strong academic record in many fields of EU law, notably EU Digital Law, EU Data Protection Law, EU Economic and Financial Law and EU Competition Law, and his vast experience with the practical side of EU Policies and Law-Making, Professor Selmayr will be a key asset for staff and students.

'I am very much looking forward to researching and teaching on the latest issues of European law together with the excellent academics at the University of Vienna,' says Selmayr, who already teaches European law at the University of Saarbrücken and at Danube University in Krems, has been Honorary Academic Director of the Center for European Law at the University of Passau since 2022 and now brings a wealth of experience from EU practice to the university. 'From the General Data Protection Regulation to the AI Act, from the new emissions trading system to the CO2 border adjustment mechanism: many of the laws passed at EU level in recent years now need a sound scientific analysis and explanation,' says Selmayr.

'With his profound knowledge of all political and legal details in Europe's endeavours to shape digitalisation, Selmayr’s involvement provides unique opportunities for research staff and students', Nikolaus Forgó, Head of the Department, adds. 'We are very proud and delighted that Professor Selmayr chose the University of Vienna and our department among all prestigious research places in the world to be his scientific home for the months to come. This will help us to further strengthen our position as a leading research institution in the field', he adds.

More information can be found in the press release.