Privacy4kids – Phase 2: Successfully completed


On 14th December 2021, participants to the workshop-like course “Privacy4kids” presented the result of the last two months of intense research and preparation of the scripts for the videos (Phase 1) during a three-hour session, therefore completing Phase 2 of the course.

To achieve the aim of familiarizing children and young people between the ages of 6 and 14 with the topic of privacy and data protection, the participants worked in groups to produce two videos addressing the respective target groups (6-10 and 11-14). Each group was assigned one topic, in particular:

  • Group 1 & 11: Social Media & Influencer
  • Group 2: Internet Fraud and Fishing
  • Group 3: Apps
  • Group 4: Misuse of personal data
  • Group 5: Big Brother is watching you – Hardware with Camera and Video
  • Group 6: Gaming
  • Group 7: Hate in Internet
  • Group 8: Rights of data subjects
  • Group 9: Cookies
  • Group 10: Digital fingerprint: Internet does not forget.

The videos excelled at addressing the different topics with creativity, legal and pedagogical knowledge and technical elements, with an overall sense of achievement vis-à-vis the aim of the course. Both participants and lecturers profited from a rewarding learning and teaching experience.

The completion of the course ends after Phase 3 mid-January with the submission of a report describing participant’s learning experience.

The videos will be published (in German) soon here and on the project’s website

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