Podcast Ars Boni - January 2022


Check out the new programme of our podcast "Ars Boni: Corona and the Law"! We are exploring the legal implications of the corona crisis with different national and international guests, streaming live on Youtube and in your podcast app.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó and a number of (inter)national guests, ranging from experts from different fields, our own team members to our students, are invited to give us an insight on how Covid-19 affects us.

In January, we host the following podcast episodes:

  • Tuesday, 04. January at 16:00
    with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Andreas Vonkilch about "Mietrechtliche Konsequenzen eines Lockdowns" (live-stream)

  • Wednesday, 05. January at 17:00
    with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Arne Bathke about "Future Operations - Über die Kurzfristigkeit hinaus: Strategien in der Pandemie" (live-stream)

  • Friday, 07. January at 18:30
    Ars Boni Special during the course "Juristische Recherche" with Dr. Gertraud Redl, the CEO of Schienen-Control (live-stream)

  • Monday, 10. January at 19:00
    with Univ.-Prof. i. R. Dr. Erich Neuwirth about "Daten in der Covid-19 Krise" (live-stream)

  • Wednesday, 12. January at 20:00
    with Univ.-Prof. Dr. Karl Stöger about "Wie ist die aktuelle Covid-19 Rechtslage in Österreich?" (live-stream)

  • Thursday, 13. January at 20:00
    with RA MMag. Florian Horn about "Herausforderungen für den Rechtsstaat aus der Covid-19 Krise" (live-stream)

  • Monday, 17. January at 17:00
    with Dr.in Judith Kohlenberger about "Immigration, Moral Injury und Covid-19 in Österreich. Eine Standortbestimmung" (live-stream)

  • Wednesday, 19. January at 18:00
    with Univ.-Prof. Bernhard Kittel about "Covid-19-Normcompliance und soziales Umfeld" (live-stream)

  • Monday, 24. January at 16:00
    with Prof. Gustaf Sjöberg about "Covid-19 and (legal) education in Sveden" (live-stream)

  • Tuesday, 25. January at 14:00
    with Rechtsanwalt Chan-jo Jun about "Hass im Netz, Quatschjura und (die Zukunft) der Rechtsanwaltschaft" (live-stream)

  • Thursday, 27. January at 19:00
    with Mati Randow about "Covid-19 in der Schule" (live-stream)

  • Friday, 28. January at 14:00
    with Dr. Klaus Taschwer about "Wissenschaftsjournalismus in der Covid19-Pandemie" (live-stream)

  • Monday, 31. January at 15:00
    with Günter Valda about "Gesichter der Pandemie" (live-stream)


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