Meeting with Commissioner Reynders


In her function as President of the ELI, Christiane Wendehorst met with the EU Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, to discuss further cooperation between the European Law Institute and the Commission.

In the one-hour meeting between Christiane Wendehorst and Commissioner Reynders, which was joined by the ELI Vice Presidents, Lord John Thomas and Pascal Pichonnaz, the previous cooperation between ELI and the Commission has been evaluated. Moreover, further avenues to strengthen ties between ELI and the Commission and means through which ELI can further engage with and support the Commission through its work have been explored.


The fruitful exchange with Didier Reynders also concerned various topics, with a special focus on promoting the awareness and societal dialogue on the Rule of Law. The upcoming first ‘Annual Rule of Law Report’ was discussed as well as how ELI, as an organisation representing the European legal community as an important part of civil society in Europe, can contribute to strengthening the Rule of Law in Europe.