Podcast Ars Boni - June 2022


Check out the new programme of our podcast "Ars Boni: Corona and the Law"! We are exploring the legal implications of the corona crisis with different national and international guests, streaming live on Youtube and in your podcast app.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó and a number of (inter)national guests, ranging from experts from different fields, our own team members to our students, are invited to give us an insight on how Covid-19 affects us.

In June, we host the following podcast episodes:

  • Tuesday, June 07
    with Birgit Meinhard-Schiebel about "Pflegende Angehörige in der Pandemie" (live-stream)

  • Thursday, June 09 at 18:00
    Ars Boni Special with RA Mag.a Saskia Leopold (live-stream)

  • Monday, June 13 at 18:00
    Ars Boni Special about "Digitale Grundrechte von Kindern und Jugendlichen" (live-stream)

  • Wednesday, June 15 at 11:00
    with Dr. Dietmar Dokalik about "Der Digital Services Act aus österreichischer Perspektive" (live-stream)

  • Tuesday, June 21 at 09:00
    with Daniela Brodesser about "Armutsbetroffenheit und Pandemie" (live-stream)

  • Monday, June 27 at  09:00
    with Univ.-Prof. Josef Smolle about "Szenarien der Pandemie und ihr Recht" (live-stream)

  • Tuesday, June 28 at 09:00
    with Dr. Klaus Steinmaurer about "Informationssicherheit in Großkrisen in Österreich und Europa" (live-stream)

We are streaming live on YouTube and in your podcast app. Follow us on YouTube, Spotify, Anchor and iTunes, so you don't miss any of our episodes!

Stay tuned!