Guest Professorship at Kyushu University


In July 2019, Nikolaus Forgó was again invited to lecture and do research at Kyushu University’s LLM-programme as a guest professor. Forgó taught a course in “European Technology Law” and was – again – deeply impressed by the faculty, the student body and the new campus in Fukuoka.

In 2019 the law school has moved on campus so that students and staff profit from a very modern environment with modern facilities, including a huge library, diverse e-learning facilities and modern seminar rooms. The campus is located outside city center very close to the sea with beautiful beaches and possibilities for leisure activities. 

Kyushu's LL.M. and other international programs attract - due to their outstanding reputation - not only Japanese students. So that citizens from many Asian Countries, such as China, South Korea, the Philippines or Thailand form the student body. In addition, Europeans regularly find their way to Fukuoka, so that different legal traditions are united in class and profit from each other. Forgó appreciates, in particular, the possibility to learn from an outside, Asian perspective on European regulatory approaches to the internet. 

Kyushu's faculty unites Japanese and Non-Japanese academics of highest reputation so that in-depth-comparative studies of legal systems are in the law school's 'genes'. It is no wonder that the 20th Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law had taken place in Fukuoka in July 2018 - an event with more than 800 delegates and international visibility, Forgó also had had the privilege to participate in. 

Although Forgó's stay passed too quickly, it so many joint topics and areas of interest became apparent - in particular in fields of information technology governance - that both sides reconfirmed their willingness to further deepen contacts, both on students' and on faculty level in the near future.