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The Emergence of Energy Citizenship in the EU. / Bertel, Maria P.; Eisenberger, Iris; Lurger, Brigitta.

In: Journal of European Consumer and Market Law, Vol. 2, 2023, p. 49-56.

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Weder schwarz noch weiß: Grauzonen im Öffentlichen Recht. / Domig, Marielle (Editor); Fädler, Tobias (Editor); Friedrich, Roman (Editor) et al.

Wien : Jan Sramek Verlag, 2023. 284 p. (Tagung der Österreichischen Assistentinnen und Assistenten Öffentliches Recht, Vol. 12).

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EU-DSGVO und DSG : EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung und Datenschutzgesetz - Kommentar. / Forgó, Nikolaus; Feiler, Lukas.

2 ed. Wien : Verlag Österreich, 2022. 658 p.

Publications: Book

“No Data Service” – Internet shutdowns and human rights in view of the recent restrictions in Iran. / Faymann, Lukas; Korenjak Lalovic, Eva; Forgó, Nikolaus.

Österreichische Liga für Menschenrechte: Befund 2022. ed. / Barbara Hellge. Wien : Domus Verlag, 2022. p. 14-15.

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Parliaments and Constitutional Courts : A Comparative Report through the Lens of Parliamentary Practice. / Austrian Parliamentary Administration (Editor); Bereuter, Franziska (Subeditor); Konrath, Christoph (Subeditor) et al.

2022. 266 p.

Publications: BookProceedings

Parliaments and Constitutional Courts: Overview Chapters : A Comparative Report through the Lens of Parliamentary Practice. / Witz, Sophia.

Parliaments and Constitutional Courts: A Comparative Report through the Lens of Parliamentary Practice. Wien : Parlamentsdirektion, 2022.

Publications: Contribution to bookContribution to proceedings

White Paper: Data Solidarity. / Prainsack, Barbara; El-Sayed, Seliem; Forgó, Nikolaus et al.

The Lancet & Financial Times Commission, 2022. 60 p.

Publications: Book

Lockdown by Press Conference? COVID-19 and the Rule of Law in New Zealand and Austria. / Upperton, Theresa; Buocz, Thomas ; Nemeth, Magdalena et al.

In: Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht : ZaÖRV, Vol. 82, No. 3, 11.11.2022, p. 577-604.

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Data solidarity: a blueprint for governing health futures. / Prainsack, Barbara; El-Sayed, Seliem; Forgó, Nikolaus et al.

In: The Lancet. Digital Health, Vol. 4, No. 11, 01.11.2022, p. e773-e774.

Publications: Contribution to journalShort communicationpeer-review

Demystifying Legal Personhood for Non-Human Entities: A Kelsenian Approach. / Buocz, Thomas; Eisenberger, Iris.

In: Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, 11.10.2022.

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Why paying individual people for their health data is a bad idea comment. / Prainsack, Barbara; Forgo, Nikolaus.

In: Nature Medicine, Vol. 28, No. 10, 10.2022, p. 1989-1991.

Publications: Contribution to journalEditorialpeer-review

Die Umsetzung der Urheberrechtsrichtlinie in Österreich. / Paspalj, Filip; Forgó, Nikolaus.

Digitalisierung und Recht: Jahrbuch 22. ed. / Elisabeth Hoffberger-Pippan; Ruth Ladeck; Peter Ivankovics. Wien, 2022. p. 53-69.

Publications: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

What about the Creators? Legal Issues Faced by Content Creators on the Platform OnlyFans. / Anwana, Tima Otu; Eberstaller, Paul.

In: Juridicum Zeitschrift für kritik, recht, gesellschaft, Vol. 2022, No. 3, 09.2022, p. 306-316.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Schlussbericht der Abteilung „Digitalisierung des Rechts“. / Forgó, Nikolaus; Wittmann-Tiwald, Maria .

2022. 21. Österreichischer Juristentag, Wien , Austria.

Publications: Contribution to conferenceOther contribution to conference

Governing the ‘Datafied’ School: Bridging the Divergence between Universal Education and Student Autonomy. / Henne, Theresa; Gstrein, Oskar J.

Handbook on the Politics and Governance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence - Elgar Handbooks in Political Science series . ed. / Oskar J. Gstrein; Andrej Zwitter. 2022.

Publications: Contribution to bookChapter

Two Worlds Colliding – The GDPR In Between Public and Private Law. / Zopf, Felix.

In: European Data Protection Law Review, Vol. 8, No. 2, 15.07.2022, p. 210 - 220.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Legal and Ethical Aspects of Machine Learning: Who Owns the Data? / Prainsack, Barbara; Steindl, Elisabeth.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning in Nuclear Medicine and Hybrid Imaging. ed. / Patrick Veit-Haibach; Ken Herrmann. Cham : Springer, 2022. p. 191-202.

Publications: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

Vertriebene aus der Ukraine und das österreichische Asylsystem – Einordnung und Vergleich. Binder, Thomas Sebastian (Author); Haller, Stefanie (Author). 2022. BlogAsyl.

Publications: Electronic/multimedia outputWeb publication

CPDP2022: Panel on "Regulating AI in Health Research and Innovation". Anwana, Tima Otu (Author); Rák, Richárd Rudolf (Author); Rissetto, Mariana Alicia (Author) et al.. 2022.

Publications: Electronic/multimedia outputWeb publication

The Challenge of Online Platform Liability in the Age of Web 2.0 Pan-Atlantic Comparisons. / Field-Papuga, William.

SSRN, 2022.

Publications: Working paperPreprint

Brain simulation as a cloud service : The Virtual Brain on EBRAINS. / Schirner, Michael (Corresponding author); Domide, Lia; Perdikis, Dionysios et al.

In: NeuroImage, Vol. 251, 118973, 01.05.2022.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

Prognosemodelle und generelles Verwaltungshandeln. / Eisenberger, Iris.

In: Österreichische Juristen-Zeitung (ÖJZ), Vol. 51, No. 8, 04.2022, p. 418-423.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticle

DigiGovWS on ‘Taming the iMonster’. Steindl, Elisabeth (Author). 2022.

Publications: Electronic/multimedia outputWeb publication

Zum Umfang der Privatkopieausnahme bei Betrieb eines Online-Videorekorders. / Forgó, Nikolaus; Skorjanc, Ziga.

In: Kommunikation & Recht, Vol. 2022, No. 3, 07.03.2022, p. 172-175.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticle

The KATY Project. Barud, Katarzyna (Author). 2022. Universität Wien.

Publications: Electronic/multimedia outputWeb publication

Modelling human influences on biodiversity at a global scale–A human ecology perspective. / Cepic, Michael; Wilfing, Harald; Bechtold, Ulrike.

In: Ecological Modelling, Vol. 465, 109854, 03.2022.

Publications: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

§ 18b UrhG (Ergänzende Online-Dienste). / Skorjanc, Ziga; Forgó, Nikolaus.

Kommentar zum Urheberrechtsgesetz. ed. / Guido Kucsko; Christian Handig; Dominik Hofmarcher. 3. ed. Wien : Manz, 2022.

Publications: Contribution to bookContribution to legal commentary

§ 90 (Datenschutz). / Skorjanc, Ziga; Zopf, Felix.

ZaDiG 2018. ed. / Arthur Weilinger; Christian Knauder; Martin Miernicki. 2. ed. 2022.

Publications: Contribution to bookContribution to legal commentary

Drohnen und Recht. / Eisenberger, Iris (Editor); Lachmayer, Konrad (Editor).

Manz, 2022. 152 p.

Publications: BookCollection

International Transfers of Data Concerning Health After Schrems II: A Need for Sector-Specific Legal Avenues and Supplementary Measures. / Rák, Richárd Rudolf.

The Application of EU Law Beyond Its Borders. ed. / Federico Casolari; Mauro Gatti. The Hague : T.M.C. Asser Press, 2022. p. 187-206 (CLEER Papers; No. 3, Vol. 2022).

Publications: Contribution to bookChapterpeer-review

IP Law as a Political Instrument in Russia. Kazeeva, Iana (Editorial Journalist). 2022. The IPKat.

Publications: Electronic/multimedia outputWeb publication

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