Conference on “Administration of Estates”


On Thursday, 15 July 2022, Christiane Wendehorst was invited to speak at the Conference on “Administration of Estate” at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg.

From 15 to 16 July 2022, the editors of the series “Comparative Succession Law “ organised a conference to discuss the recent draft papers for the upcomming fourth volume. The series includes already three volumes on “Testamentary Formalities, Intestate Succession and Mandatory Family Protection”, volume IV aims to address the “Administration of Estates” including questions on how the law of succession bring about its intended effects and how the assets of the deceased pass to the chosen recipients.

Hence, Christiane Wendehorst analysed the mechanisms of estate administration in Austria using an approach that is both historical and comparative. Christiane Wendehort’s presentation was accompanied by a discussion, including brief contributions on key differences between the Hungarian system (Lajos Vékás), the Latin American system (Jan Peter Schmidt) and the Austrian and/or German systems.