Dott. mag. Biagio Distefano

Research Associate

Schenkenstraße 4/2nd floor
1010 Vienna

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Research Focus

Biagio Distefano is a doctoral researcher in the Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate - Rights of Internet of Everything, funded by Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. Always passionate about technology, Biagio discovered a love for law during his university studies. After graduating in law and getting a specialization degree in legal professions Biagio realized that a passion for law and a passion legal professions do not necessarily go together, so he decided to derail abruptly his traditional legal career to discover a new career path that would put together computer science and law. He joined CIRSFID of Bologna to do professionally (and for the highest national and international institutions) what he had begun to do as a blind bet on his future. His doctoral research focuses on the Distributed ledger technologies beyond financial applications: eDemocracy and new forms of Governance.

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