Podcast Ars Boni - programme #20


The Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law has launched our new podcast "Ars Boni: Corona and Law"! We are exploring the legal implications of the corona crisis with different national and international guests. We are streaming live on Youtube and in your podcast app.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Forgó and a number of (inter)national guests, ranging from experts from different fields, our own team members to our students are invited to give us an insight on how Covid-19 affects us.

This month we will start with the following podcast sessions:

  • 02. August, Monday 02.00 pm
    with Sabine Kirchmayr-Schliesselberger about "Alles rund um die COVID-19-Finanzierungsagentur des Bundes (COFAG)" (live-stream)

  • 04. August, Wednesday 04.00 pm
    with Ulrich Elling about "Covid-19: Ein molekularbiologischer Zwischenstand" (live-stream)

  • 10. August, Tuesday 04.00 pm
    with Rotraud A. Perner about "Mit Recht und Seele in Zeiten von Covid19" (live-stream)

  • 12. August, Thursday 02.00 pm
    with Manfred Matzka about "Eine verfassungsrechtliche Analyse der österreichischen Pandemiebekämpfung" (live-stream)

  • 24. August, Tuesday 11.00 am
    with Maryam Kamil Abdulsalam about "Zum Umgang mit ungewissen Tatsachen in der Krise" (live-stream)

  • 26. August, Thursday 06.00 pm
    about "Toxische Pommes" (live-stream)

We are streaming live on Youtube and in your podcast app. Subscribe our Youtube-Channel and follow us on spotify and anchor and iTunes to be up to date!

Stay tuned!