New Publication: Parliaments and Constitutional Courts


A Comparative Report through the Lens of Parliamentary Practice.

Sophia Witz, university assistant in the team of Prof. Iris Eisenberger, contributed to a new publication examining constitutions and constitutional jurisdiction in relation to parliaments in more than 40 countries. The report emerged from a two-day online seminar organized by the Austrian Parliamentary Administration in November 2020 as part of the ECPRD (European Centre for Parliamentary Science and Documentation). It contains overview chapters by Sophia Witz, case studies by parliamentary practitioners from all over Europe and a conversation between Christoph Grabenwarter and Susanne Baer. The aim of the publication is to illuminate the thoroughly complex relationship between parliaments and constitutional courts and constitutional law from the perspective of parliamentary administration.

Editorial team: Franziska Bereuter, Christoph Konrath, Marlies Meyer, Sophia Witz

The report is available as open access: Parliaments and Constitutional Courts | Parlament Österreich